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DOSSIER - A review of my final year studying Photography at Bath School of Art & Design.
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  • Degree Show - Twitter Account

    To run with the website I created a Twitter account. It is still in it’s early stages but I think it will be a good place to promote and advertise the show. Having the Twitter account has also brought to my attention blogs that want to promote degree shows. I intend to follow these up shortly and hopefully it will be a good way of advertising the show.

    Visiting Hoxton Arches

    While we were in London we decided to visit our venue for the London degree show. We are all really happy with the space and we all agreed that it was the perfect size for the amount of people taking part in the show.

    Whilst we were there a group of artists were setting up their exhibition. This was really good to see because it meant we could envision what the space will look like and how we will set up our own show.

    Burnt Generation

    Somerset House, London, May 2014

    Showcasing contemporary Iranian photography, this exhibition was very interesting to see. The images offered another perspective on Iran and made you forget the stereotypical images that are seen so often in the press.

    Bailey’s Stardust


    National Portrait Gallery, London, May 2014

    This vast exhibition showcased over 250 images by David Bailey. Set across a series of rooms, the exhibition included Bailey’s most famous portraits of Kate Moss, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson as well as images of his time spent in East Africa, Papa New Guinea and the Naga Hills. I really liked this exhibition. It was great to see such well known images as well as images that aren’t widely seen, such as his personal work of his wife Catherine Bailey.

    From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada

    Somerset House, London, May 2014

    A very small exhibition but interesting to see. The mix of colour and black and white images show the intriguing transition from model to super model.

    Sony World Photography Awards 2014

    Somerset House, London, May 2014

    Displayed across both wings of Somerset House, this large exhibition showcased a wide variety of work from professional and non-professional photographers from all around the world.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition was how the images  were displayed. Some had frames, others were just mounted on foam board, some had borders and some didn’t. Although the images were displayed very differently they all worked well together, showing that the display doesn’t have to be the same to make the exhibition look cohesive.  As we are coming up to our own degree shows, both in Bath and London, I found it inspiring to see the different ways we could display our work.  

    Home page featuring the first image in the sliderHome page featuring second image of the sliderPhotographer's pageHead shotsMy page on the websiteAnother example of a page on the website

    WEBSITE UPDATE - The Collective 2014

    Recently I have been working on the website for the degree show. I decided to go for a minimalistic, responsive theme that would work on multiple devices.

    The website features a slider on the homepage that shows five images. It has an About page, Contact page, link to the show’s Twitter and a Photographer’s page. The Photographer’s page features everyone’s head shot. Clicking on the head shot takes you to each individual’s page, which shows a selection of their images and, in most cases, a link to their own website/blog.

    Iceland Collaboration Project

    This video is the final outcome of the project we did whilst in Iceland. As a team we decided to take a summary style approach, using mainly stills but also some short clips from the museum. I chose to use a Sigur Ros song to keep the Iceland link running throughout the video. Overall, I am really pleased with how this project has turned out.


    The Holburne Museum, Bath

    Since the 15th June 2013 I have been volunteering on a weekly basis at The Holburne Museum. 

    My main role is gallery steward. However, I have also worked on the information desk and in the shop. I have volunteered for special events such as The Big Draw where I helped children make superhero masks, capes and badges. In these roles I have learnt how to interact with visitors, talk in depth about the art and promote the museum and it’s special exhibitions. I have also been given the role of taking the light meter readings, which means I test how much light is on the paintings in the museum. If the levels are too high then I have to adjust the blinds and lights. This task has helped me to gain knowledge about how to preserve art.

    I have been part of great exhibitions including Rembrandt and his Contemporaries: Paintings from the Royal Collection and The Duchess of Cambridge portrait by Paul Emsley.

    My time volunteering has been an invaluable experience. I really enjoy going to the Holburne every week and I am constantly learning about different styles of art and how a museum runs.

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